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Thanatos’ treasure

by Irina Pitropova (age: 16)

My name is Beth. I live with my two best friends Chuck and Nick and we spend most of our time together. We are quite sporty and we like playing football, volleyball and surfing. We love eating spaghetti and tacos, and watching our favourite show Sponge Bob. Now you’re probably thinking that I and my friends are ordinary and so is our story. But actually we’re far from ordinary. We’ve known each other for ages, literally. We grew up together in Spain in 1530s. Now we’re billionaires and we’re also immortal. We’ve been immortal for almost 500 years. People can’t notice that we’re different because we never stay in the same city for a long time. Right now we live in Florida in a big house on the beach. We look like any other teenager – we go to college, we have many friends, we throw parties. But I know what you all want to know. How did we become immortal? Well, that’s quite a long story but I’m willing to tell it to you.

All these years ago everything Chuck, Nick and I wanted was a great adventure. Back then we were part of the aristocracy but we never fitted in. We were living a rich life but we didn’t want to be part of it. We wanted a lifetime full of adventures and even more. So, one night we sneaked out and went to the mountains. One of our servants took us to the house of an old witch. We paid her generously and she told us a legend. It was about a treasure but not just a treasure, it was about the one that belonged to Thanatos – the god of death. According to the legend, there was a chest hidden on an island. The chest was full of gold and jewels and among them there was a book. If anyone read the book, he would know how to escape from Thanatos and hide from death. You would say, “Who would ever believe in those stupid ghost stories!” but in the 1530s people believed in almost anything. So, the witch gave us an old map which showed the way to the island. On its back there was a text but the old woman told is not to read it because it wouldn’t make sense until we got to the island. Before we left, the witch said,

“Only the bravest and brightest will be able to find Thanatos’ treasure. You won’t need only strength, you’ll need wisdom too.”

Chuck, Nick and I were determined. We wanted the adventure. We found ten more adventurers for a week and one night we just stole a little ship from the docks and never came back. On our ship “The Goddess of the Seas” I was known as Co-captain Elizabeth. My friends were called Captain Charles and Captain Nicholas but I named them Captain Bacon and Captain Hippo. We wandered in the sea for months. Mermaids tried to tempt our men, pirates tried to sink our ships, sea creatures wanted us for breakfast, awful storms tried to bring us down, but we never gave up. So, finally, we found the island. When we got to it, the rest of the crew members had already found their death, so it was only Chuck, Nick and me. According to the map, the chest was right in the centre of the island. We didn’t need much time to find it. Right in the centre of the island there was a big pond. The chest was in its centre. It looked as if magical hands were holding it right on top of the water, so it wouldn’t sink. Nick was about to jump in the water, when Chuck stopped him. He picked a stone from the ground and threw it in the water. The moment the stone touched the water, it turned to ashes.

“Remember what the witch said. We need to use our brains too, not just our muscles.” Chuck said.

“Yes, but how are we supposed to get to the chest?” asked Nick.

“The text,” I remembered, “there was a text on the back of the map. The witch said to read it when we get to the island.”

I took the map and read the text:

Up in the skies but not too high a mighty mother there is.

To protect her children her purpose is.

But among them a fake one there is.

Look the mother in the eye,

Get the fake one, use it but be wise.

We thought about what that may mean for hours but we just couldn’t get it. I was about to give up, when I sat under a tree, looked up and saw a snake nesting on a branch. And then it hit me.

“Boys!” I shouted. “Come here! I think I got it!”

“You did?” they both asked.

“Yes. Look at the tree. It’s not as tall as the others around here, so it’s up in the sky but not too high. And there’s a snake nest up there, so the snake must be the mighty mother. I think we should see what’s in the nest.”

“You’re a genius.” Chuck said.

“Maybe. Let’s start climbing now.”

When we got as close to the nest as we could, we looked in it. There was a sleeping snake wrapped around some eggs.

“The eggs must be her children.” Nick suggested.

“Yes. You’re right. Now we have to look for a fake one and be careful not to wake up the snake. This one is highly poisonous,” I said.

When we say the egg that was obviously different from the others, Chuck reached to get it. The snake opened its eyes immediately and was about to bite Chuck when I got it by the neck and made it look me in the eye. The moment our eyes met, it froze as if it was dead.

“Now, Chuck, while I’m looking the thing in the eye, get the fake egg!” I commanded.

Chuck took the egg, I dropped the snake back in the nest where it wrapped itself around the eggs again and we slowly got off the tree.

“I think we should break it now,” Chuck said and dropped it on the ground. The egg cracked open and a little piece of paper fell out of it. I picked it up and read the three Latin words that were written on it out loud. Suddenly the chest started floating towards us. When it got as close as it could, the boys lifted it up carefully, trying not to touch the water. When they dropped it on the ground, it opened by itself, without any help. When it did, we couldn’t believe our eyes. I was full of jewels and gold, and we could see the book we were looking for on top of all the treasures. We couldn’t believe we actually completed our journey; we couldn’t believe we made our dream come true.

We read the book and since then we’ve never changed. We were safe from Thanatos. He couldn’t make us his victims. The next two centuries were like magic to us. We saw a lot of miracles, we had a lot of supernatural experiences and it never got boring. Even now that the mythic creatures are almost extinct, we still get ourselves travelling on great journeys.

This year we’ll be chilling here in Florida, acting like totally normal and funny kids, who go to college, care about cars, parties and clothes. And then, next year… who knows what journey we might find ourselves on!

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