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What Darwin never knew (<i>click here to see the video</i>)

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Description: Earth teems with a staggering variety of animals, including 9,000 kinds of birds, 28,000 types of fish, and more than 350,000 species of beetles. What explains this explosion of living creatures — 1.4 million different species discovered so far, with perhaps another 50 million to go?
“What Darwin Never Knew” offers answers to riddles that Darwin couldn’t explain. NOVA takes viewers on a journey from the Galapagos Islands to the Arctic, and from the explosion of animal forms half a billion years ago to the research labs of today.
Scientists are finally beginning to crack nature’s biggest secrets at the genetic level. The results are confirming the brilliance of Darwin’s insights while revealing clues to life’s breathtaking diversity in ways the great naturalist could scarcely have imagined.

Below is the first 15 minute video in the series. The second video will start by itself after playing the first, and so on until the last episode.

Please answer the following questions after having watched the first video.

  1. How many types of species of birds and fish are there?
  2. How old was Darwin when he published his book?
  3. Where did he find the giant fossils?
  4. What adjectives did Darwin use to describe the Galapagos iguanas?
  5. When Darwin examined his collection of finches (a type of bird) gathered on the different islands, which part of their anatomy attracted his interest?

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