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Homework: Gingerbread man

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Hello students,

Welcome to our site. Here’s a bit of fun and work.

Please click on the link and read the poem about the Gingerbread Man. For next Friday, please make a list of all verbs in the poem and separate them into two categories: regular and irregular verbs. For the irregular verbs, write down their three forms. Happy reading!


5 Responses to “Homework: Gingerbread man”
  1. atanas says:

    kakva e domashnata ni

  2. Boian says:

    Read the poem, and underline all the verbs. Write down the 3 forms of all the irregular verbs.

  3. dana handzhieva says:

    аз вече го направих малко е скучно!аз искарах уколо 15

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