My name is Arthur Kerr-Sheppard.
I joined the British Cultural Center as an English teacher in 2018.
Whilst still at school, I helped my mother mark English homework and tests, and also helped my older brother with his university entrance exam preparation. Since then, I have spent many years training people in both the accounting and computer professions. I created my own computer courses and manuals.
I was born in Kenya, have worked and travelled in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Zimbabwe, South Africa as well as travelling around other countries. I met many people from different walks of life, interacting with them in French, a smattering of Spanish which has given me the ability to mix with many different cultures.
Teaching is both a challenge and a wonderful opportunity to explore different ways of communicating with students. I enjoy encouraging each student as well helping to build their confidence. My vast travel, work, life experiences, and sense of humour help to make lessons informal and interesting for students of all ages.
My wife and her family, who all live locally, are Russian, but our common language is English.
My hobbies are swimming and cycling the whole year round, as well as travelling by bicycle and constantly updating my knowledge on many subjects.