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How to do well on exams.

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Here’s something in the “food for thought” category. What can you do to excel at language exams? Read, read, and read some more, says Elizabeth Collins. She focuses on the SAT type exams,  which are rather sesquipedalian (look it up!) and often require candidates to cram lengthy word-lists.  Regular reading can make such cramming much easier, or […]

Pancake Day

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On 24 Feb 2011, we at the British Cultural Center will celebrate Pancake Day. Every year on this day, there are pancake races in many places in Britain. Here’s a video of the “great Spitalfield pancake day race”, with a short explanation. More to come in class: Pancake day race in London Do you want […]

Грипна ваканция – до кога? (обновен)

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Нова информация: Областният епидимиологичен щаб е удължил грипната ваканция до 02.02.2011 (сряда). Това налага да отменим часовете до 02.02. Очакваме редовните занимания да продължат на 03.02.2011 (четвъртък). Отменените часове ще бъдат компенсирани на по-късна дата. Продължавайте да следите сайта за повече нова информация.

Homework: Gingerbread man

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Hello students, Welcome to our site. Here’s a bit of fun and work. Please click on the link and read the poem about the Gingerbread Man. For next Friday, please make a list of all verbs in the poem and separate them into two categories: regular and irregular verbs. For the irregular verbs, write down […]

CAE homework: Only in America

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Hello students, Here’s your first online homework assignment. We thought the following jokes may be funny after Maria’s and Emmanuel’s presentation. For our next meeting, tell us which 2-3 jokes you liked best. Please bookmark our site and check it for more information, recent news, important updates, etc. Feel free to leave comments on any of […]